About Us

ClusterTech Limited was founded in 2000, it has been passionately providing advanced computing technologies throughout Asia. Through our core expertise in computing technology and software applications, our members have assisted enterprises to solve challenging problems for more than 15 years. With more than 8 group members in the APAC region providing a wide range of technical services, including air quality service and IT consulting, we continue to position ourselves as an all-rounded IT solution provider.

ClusterTech Group Members

Mainland China

ClusterTech Beijing Limited
[Official name: 联智科技(北京)有限公司]

Founded in 2008
Core business: High performance computing (HPC) and Big Data related businesses in Mainland China

LianYuZhiDa Technologies (Beijing) Limited
[Official name: 联宇智达科技(北京)有限公司]

Founded in 2012
Core business: Investments in computing related businesses in Mainland China

Unimeteor (Beijing) Technologies Limited 
[Official name: 联和天地(北京)科技有限公司]

Founded in 2016
Core business: Weather services in Mainland China

Hong Kong

ClusterTech Investments (HK) Limited
Founded in 2007
Core business: Investment businesses worldwide

Fengqi Asia Limited
Founded in 2012
Core business: Public cloud and related services for Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia Pacific

CTE (HK) Limited
Founded in 2014
Core business: Air quality services in China

CTAccel Limited
Founded in 2016
Core business: Heterogeneous computing combining the power of FPGA, GPU and CPUs, and its applications to image processing


Cluster Technology Australia Pty Ltd
Founded in 2011
Core business: IT consulting services related to information media and telecommunications