What is Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software?

Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software is a file system designed for Linux HPC clusters, unleashing performance and scalability for HPC workloads, including technical "big data" applications common within today’s enterprises.

It offers simplified installation, configuration, and management features.

Why choose Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre Software from ClusterTech?

ClusterTech is an official reseller of Intel’s Lustre L III. Products provided by ClusterTech can enjoy platform-agnostic support and development services for Lustre from Intel.

Strategic cooperation between ClusterTech and Intel helps customers utilise their computing resources efficiently, and gain maximum benefit from their IT investment.

Our Advantages:

  • Rich experience in satisfying the demands and solving concerns of industry application in the Greater China Region
  • Familiarity with system architecture in the Greater China Region
  • Comprehensive coverage across the Greater China Region with local experts
  • Strong local support for daily operation and maintenance


  Mature Commodity Hardware Ready

It is rigorously tested, reliable, and backed by Intel. No more vendor lock-in with expensive equipment is needed. Lustre has been in use in the world’s largest datacenters for over a decade and hardened in the harshest big data environments.

  Outstanding Performance

It enables fully parallel I/O across thousands of clients, servers, and storage devices. It has improved metadata scalability using Distributed Namespace (DNE) and scales down to provide fast parallel storage for smaller organisations.

  High Capacity

The object-based storage architecture can scale to tens of thousands of clients and petabytes of data.

  Affordable Customisation

Our product is based on the community release of Lustre software, and is hardware, server, and network neutral. Enterprises can scale their storage deployment horizontally, yet continue to have simple-to-manage storage.


Scalable throughput with Multiple Servers

Files can be striped across multiple servers and disks with enormous storage capacity and I/O; data access throughput can exceed 1 terabyte per second.

Integrated support for Hadoop

With the software bridge provided, the Lustre file system can act as a parallel Hadoop data storage. Data rebalance between different Hadoop storage nodes becomes unnecessary.

Intel Manager for Lustre

The software suite comes with a unified pane for Lustre install, performance monitoring and daily management activities. It also has centralised, Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based administration for management.

Flexible Storage Schemes

Users can define target drives for individual files; and different isolated projects can run on separate drives for guaranteed performance.

Failover Support

With multipath storage devices, servers can be configured as high-availability active/active pairs. Failure downtime is minimised.

Single File System Namespace

The system is capable providing a single namespace on top of hundreds or thousands of logical volumes; zero-downtime expansion is possible.

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