ClusterTech’s CEO Interviewed By The Hong Kong Trade Development Council Research

Dr. Wai Mo Suen, Founder and CEO of ClusterTech, was interviewed by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Research, discussing the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) in supply chain management and how it can help the enterprises to make rational decisions. The article is already published on the official website of HKTDC Research.

In the interview, Dr. Suen shared several use cases in the supply chain field which applied AI and HPC technologies such as analysing customer opinions through natural language processing, predicting the weather of a specific region through HPC. By utilising these technologies, the enterprises can enhance the efficiency of inventory management and production equipment management.

“If small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) want to improve the technical capability of a company, and to make the operation and decision process more scientific, they should make efforts to create an environment that promotes the dignity and intelligence of the staff.” Dr. Suen expressed that SMEs should not only focus on the advanced technologies adoption in their daily operation but also improve the knowledge and skill of their employees by providing training opportunities so that employees can realise the advantages of developing advanced technologies.

As an expert in AI and HPC fields, ClusterTech develops innovative technologies and creates value for clients through advanced computing technologies. In the past 20 years, ClusterTech provided the latest computing solutions for hundreds of national and international institutions and enterprises. We will continue to develop the innovative technologies and provide the professional services to the clients in the future.

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