ClusterTech Participates In Project RADAR II Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics for Drug Problem in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (hereafter HKFYG) - Youth Crime Prevention Centre held a workshop of “Project RADAR II Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics for Drug Problem in Hong Kong” on 13 May, 2021. “Project RADAR II - A Counselling and Treatment Program for Young People with hidden drug abuse problems and drug related criminal offences'' is a 3-year research program which aims to analyse the social media users’ opinions on drugs and the reasons for taking drugs through AI and big data analytics technologies. Hence, the organisation can provide some targeted anti-drug education and services to the public based on the research results.

ClusterTech cooperates with HKFYG - Youth Crime Prevention Centre and utilise ClusterTech’s self-developed and award-winning text-mining technology, PRISMA, to analyse drug-related posts and comments on social media platforms Mr. Steven Leung, Head of Sales (HK) at ClusterTech, introduced the AI and big data analytics technologies used in this project and explained that the project was divided into 3 phases which started execution from 2018.

Meanwhile, Mr. Emprise Chan, Senior Software Architecture at ClusterTech, shared on how to use text mining engines on social media platforms to analyse the trends of drugs, drug myth and drug abuse reasons and the behavioral pattern of high-risk users towards drug problems. Based on the research results of this project, ClusterTech provided a series of targeted suggestions to HKFYG. In the workshop, Prof. Dennis WONG, Professor of Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences at City University of Hong Kong, was invited to evaluate the research result and analyse the phenomenon of teenagers' drug abuse from a criminology perspective. Mr. Michael Leung, Youth Work Officer at HKFYG, also shared the work practices in this project.

ClusterTech’s AI and analytics technology, PRSIMA, consists of three core technologies including “Search Engine”, “Text Mining”, and “(*Trilingual) Natural Language Processing (NLP)”. PRISMA won the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016: Best Smart Hong Kong (Big Data Application) silver award before and has been applied to government departments, private companies and financial institutions. It helps enterprises harness and analyse huge amount of data in an effective way which reduces labour costs and improves productivity. In the future, ClusterTech will continue to develop innovative technologies and provide professional services to the clients.

*The natural language processing (NLP) technology is unique. It is capable of processing trilingual texts (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English) simultaneously, and is tailor-made for the multicultural Hong Kong market.


About The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Youth Crime Prevention Centre:
HKFYG’s youth at risk services started in the 1960s aims to provide some supporting services. Along with the rapidly changing society, the quality of juvenile crime is continuously changing and the significant crime is extending towards a younger population. Youth Crime Prevention Centre aims to provide consultancy, solicitude and support to unruly and delinquent youths. Thus, HKFYG assists to strengthen youth positive thought, increase their social ability for disseminating healthy and law-abiding life.