Fengqi.Asia Exhibited at Hong Kong CyberPort Cloud Symposium

Fengqi.Asia Exhibited at Hong Kong Cyberport Cloud Symposium -20120330(1).jpg

Fengqi.Asia exhibited its ‘new generation’ Public Cloud User Portal at Next Generation Information Technology and Standard Symposium on 30 March 2012 at Hong Kong Cyberport. The event has attracted more than 500 attendees to participate and discuss Cloud Computing topics such as:

In this conference, ClusterTech and our product CCMP (ClusterTech Computing Management Platform) received two awards respectively, shown as following.

  • Development and Standard of Cloud Computing
  • Information Infrastructure
  • Cloud & Mobile Standard

In the event, there were government officials representing Hong Kong and PRC to outline their Cloud strategies in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai. Fengqi.Asia introduced its key feature of “fast, scalable and reliable” Cloud to more than 200 attendees including representatives of governments, system integrators, telcos and consulting firms. Attendees are particularly interested in how Fengqi.Asia possesses significant performance advantages over other Cloud technologies. These merits include:

Fengqi.Asia Exhibited at Hong Kong Cyberport Cloud Symposium -20120330(2).jpgFengqi.Asia Exhibited at Hong Kong Cyberport Cloud Symposium -20120330(3).jpg

  • 3X more Database requests per second
  • 5X faster on CPU benchmarks
  • 14X faster Disk I/O benchmarks
  • 20X faster Word Press response

(than the web services of an online bookstore)

After the event, a number of attendees have signed up for Fengqi.Asia trial accounts to experience its outstanding capabilities. Fengqi.Asia and ClusterTech will continue its efforts in collaboration with the industry and the government to strengthen Hong Kong as the ICT Hub in Asia, and promote high-performance Cloud Computing technologies in China and Asia Pacific.