Warm Congratulations ClusterTech (Beijing Branch) received Chinese High-tech Enterprises Certificate

Warm Congratulations ClusterTech (Beijing Branch) received Chinese High-tech Enterprises Certificate - 20120229(1).jpg

February 29, 2012, Beijing branch of ClusterTech received the Chinese High-tech Enterprise Certification jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Ministry of Finance, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.

China has defined advanced technology enterprises as enterprises that are registered within the territory of China and in which the income generated from their high-tech products (services) accounts for more than 60% of the enterprise’s total annual income for the year.

Any such enterprise must also own independent intellectual property rights to the core technologies for its major products (services) acquired via independent research and development, assignment or donation, or a merger or acquisition, all of which must have occurred during the past three years, or via exclusive licensing for a period of five years or more. The rules are outlined in the Circular on the Issuance of the Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises (the Circular) released on April 24 by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, which has retrospective effect from January 1, 2008.

ClusterTech passes all above regulated provisions and becomes one of the enterprises that received the High-tech Enterprise Certification. This certification demonstrates ClusterTech comprehensive competence in high-tech research, transformation and development. ClusterTech will take full advantages of these policies, exert its technical expertise in high performance computing field and contribute more HPC solutions to world wide users in a more efficient way.