ClusterTech And Dell Work Together To Apply Enterprise-class Supercomputing To Industries

As a pioneer in high-performance computing, ClusterTech has been committed to being customer-centric.

To strengthen the communication with users, obtain industry needs, and thank customers for their continuous support, ClusterTech and Dell jointly held the 2021 HPC Customer Symposium - Beijing Station on May 18th. We invited enterprises, universities, research institutes, government agencies, integrators, and partners in Beijing to participate. This symposium aimed to listen to the voice of users in digital transformation,  explored the in depth integration of high performance computing and business scenarios, showcased the latest HPC technologies, products, and multi-scenario application experiences like HPC software, hardware, and industrial solutions, and discuss the development and future of commercial supercomputing.

In the opening speech, Ms. Fu Hongyan, Associate Partner and Senior Product Manager of ClusterTech, reviewed the nearly 20-years cooperation with Dell and introduced the unique competitive advantages of the HPC enterprise-level solutions jointly launched by the two parties in commercial clients. She hoped to grow together with partners, users, and more like-minded ones like Dell.

Ms. Fu Hongyan, Associate Partner And Senior Product Manager Of ClusterTech

Mr. Ding Long, Senior Manager from the Advanced Computing and Solutions Team of Dell, was also invited to deliver a speech, in which he shared that Dell has been in China for 22 years and has a deep enterprise DNA. He looked forward to working with more partners like ClusterTech and continuing to launch forward-looking enterprise products and services to contribute to the construction of Digital China.

Mr. Ding Long, Senior Manager From The Advanced Computing And Solutions Team Of Dell

Ms. Fu Hongyan gave a comprehensive introduction of ClusterTech's HPC enterprise solutions. She also shared her thoughts and experiences on building supercomputing platforms and providing one stop HPC  services based on users' computing needs.

Mr. Ling Weicai, HPC Solution Architect of Dell and member of the CCF Technical Committee, shared the market trends of HPC in China and worldwide, and also presented Dell's overall solutions for HPC/AI/Big Data.

Synfuels China, ClusterTech’s VIP enterprise user, has been committed to the core technologies of coal-to-petroleum for many years. Synfuels adapts to the development trend of digital transformation and actively invests in the new information technology and intelligent upgrading, and makes significant contributions to ensuring the strategic security of national energy.

Ms. Gao Lin, CIO of Synfuels China, introduced the experience of Synfuels China in adopting the joint HPC solution of ClusterTech & Dell to enable breakthroughs in China's coal-to-oil industry technology.

Mr. Chen Jiang, a Senior HPC Architect of Intel and a member of the CCF Technical Committee, led the guests to learn about the latest cutting-edge products such as icelake, optane memory, and 100G high-performance Ethernet.

Ms. Meilin Wang, Product Manager of Dell, presented many feature highlights of Dell's modular data centre, including its flexibility, simplicity, and protection for IT equipment.

The symposium also connected live to an international networking conference. Marco Merkel, Global Vice President of ThinkParQ, presented the new features and roadmap of BeeGFS at the conference, demonstrating that BeeGFS can provide higher IO performance and larger storage capacity for HPC cluster systems.

After the presentations, participants tried out the new version of the CHESS HPC platform and discussed with the experts on cutting-edge HPC technology applications and business scenarios, sharing their experiences in digital transformation and providing new ideas for product and solution improvement.

Technical Exchange With Customers

Lucky Draw At The Event

This symposium invited experts and industry leaders in HPC to come together to explore the urgent need for enterprises to improve their computing power in terms of massive images, data, and training models.

In recent years, high-performance computing technology has developed from pure computing technologies to traditional industrial applications. ClusterTech will follow the trend and join hands with more partners to respond to the diverse business needs of digital transformation and accelerate society's progress into the digital era.