ClusterTech was invited to talk about Smart living and its innovative applications at IndustryConnect@SP Industry 4.0 in March 2016.


Thanks for another great year. The year of the Sheep was remarkable year for us in terms of advancing computing technologies and empowering businesses.


ClusterTech delivered a talk and showcased its latest retail marketing solutions at Fimmick’s SPARKTIVITY workshop - "Spark Your Social CRM" on 17 December, 2015.


ClusterTech shared future data analytics and technology trends in a keynote speech at the Asia Retail Innovation Summit 2015 in Shanghai.


At CHTF 2015, ClusterTech exhibited AirHuXi, an air quality forecast mobile app to address haze problems, amid growing concern about air quality in China.


        香港零售科技商会RTIA主办的「智慧零售讲座: 智慧零售新世代 •让挑战成为商机」于2015年11月9日(星期一)在香港生产力促进局会议厅举行,联科集团联席合伙人吴秉宗博士作为演讲嘉宾之一,与其他行业专家一同分享了帮助香港零售商转危为机的智慧零售新思维。


ClusterTech launched a limited-time welcome package for new users of its public cloud platform, Fengqi Asia. From now until 30 Dec 2015, new enterprise users of Fengqi Asia are entitled to a list of benefits.


       我们很高兴地宣布,联科集团商业智能领域新産品——联科智能调货系统(ConsoAdvisor)已於2014年9月正式发布。 联科智能调货系统(ConsoAdvisor)通过科学分析销售纪录,为零售商度身订制商业调货逻辑,优化各种逻辑及限制,提供仓库与店铺丶店铺与店铺之间的自动调货方案,并以简洁的使用界面显示,供用户查看及更改。


At a HKRMA event, ClusterTech exhibited its latest retail solutions that leveraged IoT and big data to improve customer experience and create business opportunities.


ClusterTech showcased the latest retail solutions on IoT, social media analytics, and customer data mining at an Executive Luncheon on 19 June 2015.