March 30, 2012, China Data Center Conference was held in Beijing. IBM, HP, Dell, Oracle and other related companies shared their experiences about developing, operating, and management of data center in the Big Data age. The theme of this conference is “Revolution of Data Center in the Big Data Age”.


February 29, 2012, Beijing branch of ClusterTech received the Chinese High-tech Enterprise Certification jointly issued by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Municipal Ministry of Finance, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau.




        联科集团于2011年5月12日与全球云计算解决方案供应商Joyent宣布成立战略联盟,并发行云计算集成软件套件SmartDataCenter 6。


        “我们要成为中国具影响力的大企业,以计算技术与电脑科技应用为核心能力,推动中国科技及企业的现代化。” ——孙纬武


On 24 January 2007, ClusterTech’s CEO Dr. Suen, Wai Mo was interviewed by RTHK's TV program - Driving Force for Sciences to share his thoughts of bringing sciences to Hong Kong.