In today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem, on-premises data centres are artifacts of the past. Moving workloads to the cloud has become best practice to handle growth. As a Google Cloud Services Partner, ClusterTech can help you migrate to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) seamlessly and without downtime.

Key Benefits:

Business Agility

Users can easily scale up or down to support changing workloads.


Cost Saving

There is zero capital cost to set up data centres or servers. Users only pay for the resources used.


Flexible Workflow

Worldwide access means different members of the team can collaborate at any time, anywhere.

This service is recommended if...

  • you are new to cloud
  • you are considering to switch to a better cloud
  • you are adopting a multi-cloud strategy

Migration Service Flow

GCP Advantages

  • Google's hyperscale infrastructure

GCP runs on Google’s hyperscale backbone network, the world’s largest global private cloud network. It has more than 100 points of presence, covers 18 regions, and has 100k miles of fibre optic. Your applications will be fast, consistent and scalable, in the same manner as Google Search and YouTube.

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  • Customer-friendly pricing

GCP is innovative even in its pricing strategies. There are no upfront costs or termination fees, with charges being based on usage. A wide range of discounts are available. On average, GCP costs 60% less for compute workloads compared to other cloud providers.

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